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Ralph Haines


Circle of Friends Host Ralph Haines (R) enjoys his visit with Bill Anderson (c), and brother Ron Haines (L).  Ralph hosts the Saturday night Circle of Friends request show  from 4 pm to 12 midnight.  Ralph is the station engineer and partner.

Todd Hunt


Morning Express Host / Production Services.  When Sleepy Eyes Todd isn't cracking up the 103 Country radio audience, he might be hanging out with Vince Gill or Aaron Lewis.  After that, he is dazzling Michigan with his guitar artistry with the fabulous EXIT 95 band.

Dave Lathrop


 Morning Express Host / Production Services.  Dave Lathrop has co-hosted the Morning Express for two years and sure sounds like Ed McMahon.  Ask him to laugh at one of his own "Dad Jokes", and you will know what we mean!!  Wade Hayes enjoys a visit with Dave.

Jeannette Fales


Jeannette has been representing 103 Country for several decades, and her clients appreciate her thorough and dedicated approach to their marketing needs.  She loves her family and serving the community at Michigan fairs.  When you need business promotion, contact Jeannette at 

fales@ejourney.com  or at 989.240.1156

Lori Nevill


She is tackling her job at 4:30 am and works tirelessly for the hundreds of clients she serves.  And still has time for family and friends.  What a joy to have Lori represent the station for over seven years.  When you need business promotion, contact Lori at 

lsnevill@gmail.com or 989.274.9915 

Bob Douponce


His name says it all.  Bob Do Up Once.  You can't help smile when you meet the man who wears a tie seven days a week, loves life, and always has a good word~ and a bad joke to share!!   

When you need business promotion, contact Bob at travelman13@charter.net  or call him at 989.245.9177

Margaret Vanfaussien


Broadcast Sales.  Golf.  Living life to the fullest.  Margaret Vanfaussien was instrumental in 103 Country's growth in the early years.  And she still puts up with us 30 years later!!  Wow, she must be a saint, but then again, maybe not!.   When you need business promotion, contact Margaret at mvf316@yahoo.com or 989.621.6394 

AJ Wilson


Country Legends Weekend is one of 103 Country's most popular shows.  AJ can be heard Saturday mornings from 7 am - 11 am, and Sunday evenings from 6-10 pm.

Betty Branigan


This incredible volunteer keeps the weekend staff hopping, receives Circle of Friends requests, and even offers a bite to eat  for weary travelers who stop at the station.

Terri Clark


Listen to Terri Clark's Country Gold every Saturday from Noon till 4 pm.

Mark Grzegorczyk


Mark loves country music! He started in 2019 at 103 Country, can be found at the nearest polka dance. 

Jo Ann Coston


Keeping busy with all customer radio commercial schedules, Jo Ann makes sure that all customers receive the best coverage possible for their business promotion.  Jo Ann also reviews new music.  She keeps the office humming (no pun intended).

Steve Coston


He works, works, and works at 103 Country.  Now you know why he has boney fingers!!!  Love it!  Appreciates the community for standing with 103 Country since 1987.  Wow!  Thanks!

Jeff Raynor


 The incredible talent Jeff Raynor steps to the microphone to voice those fabulous commercials heard on 103 Country & the Northern Light.  We always depend on Jeff for a perfect production.  His efforts have made 103 Country a great sounding station!!  Thanks!!

103 Country


103 Country has serves central Michigan since February, 1987 

96.5 FM - The Northern Light

The Northern Light has served Gladwin County since January 30, 2018

The Northern Light has been serving Gladwin County since June 30, 2018

Sergeant Watts

Meaner than a Junk Yard Dog - Sgt. Watts keeps everyone on their best behavior!!